Art Club

Art provides opportunities for motor activities, self-expression, problem-solving, science, and many other experiences. Children are free to experiment, change, invent and create with whatever materials are available. Requests for different materials are also honored.

Our concern is for the process, the interaction with the materials, versus the finished product.

Encourage the children to get their own materials: paper, markers, painting tools, etc.

The children may choose to have their names written on the work, and may choose the color or location for their name. Some children may prefer to try to write their own name or leave their work unlabeled. Please ask them and honor their request.

Don't worry about the mess. If it is caused by a child's deliberate action, they should participate in the clean-up.

Ask the child if they need a smock for painting or messy water table activities, but do not force them to wear one. Let them put it on for themselves.